A family passion


We started our activity as a family business back in 1978 with a clear objective: producing the most delicious and high-quality products while supporting the local community and the environment.

This has been for certain our differentiation and development driving force from day one.

And this is the reason why we can now proudly say that we are

the largest producer of Serrano ham and one of the leaders of Iberian ham.

The best know-how and the most sophisticated innovation are used for the elaboration of every product like our Serrano Ham with No Additives. They are not good. They are incredibly good.

At Loriente, our main goal is to provide the best quality by using our unique traditional processes.

Each piece is carefully selected by our Serrano Ham Masters, who are the specialists in guaranteeing a flavor with unparalleled intensity.


From a small family-owned company to a Group constituted by 11 production facilities, in the last decades we’ve been expanding throughout Spain to get our production vertically integrated and control all the processes of the value chain. Thanks to this development, Loriente’s products are delivered within and outside our borders every day.

Enjoy the flavour. Make the most of life.

After more than 40 years in the market, our innovation and the passion of all our employees tell their own tale.

Our dedication to protect our environment and support our local community is one of our main pillars.

We take care of each other like one big family, trying to make a better world every day.

And that includes you too.

This is Loriente